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3 Tips on Landscaping for a Greener Facility

The world is not post-environmental as far as facilities management is concerned. Worldwide, companies are embracing green technologies including solar energy, LED lighting, and eco-friendly product packaging. People have a natural resistance to being inconvenienced, so some efforts toward sustainability are not well-received.
One of the easiest and most convenient ways to green up your facility is through the landscaping. There are important factors to remember when you install new environmentally compatible landscaping. Here are three of them.
1. Choose Plants and Trees That Save You Money
If your building is baking in the sun, you may rack up high energy costs. For example, if you plant shade trees on the sunniest side of your facility, you shield the structure from the hottest rays. You lower the need for air conditioning while growing a plant that adds oxygen to the air.
Plant specimens that are native to your region because the plants don't need specialized care to grow in the climate conditions. Native plants evolved to handle the local soil, sun, and temperatures, which means lower costs for watering, feeding, and other maintenance. Native plants that produce flowers, berries, and fruits also nourish local wildlife, which makes them very sustainable landscaping choices.
If the area near your facility experiences climate fluctuations, select trees and plants that are hardy enough to withstand the weather extremes. Rather than edging your landscaping with tender annual plants, install a variety of perennials that reproduce and thrive for years despite weather extremes.
Also, perennials that self-propagate save you money and allow you to add more landscaping areas without paying for new plants.
2. Take Your Landscaping Seriously
Many companies are increasing their focus on green facility landscaping to increase both energy efficiency and brand image. Your facility management team should be doing the same. There are several questions to ask when evaluating your building's landscaping, which include:
  • How does your landscaping reflect the brand?
  • Does your facility's landscaping enhance or detract from the neighborhood?
  • How are similar local facilities managing their landscape designs?
  • Are there potential safety or environmental hazards in your landscape design?
  • How does staff feel about landscaping?
  • How many resources are devoted to landscaping?
After you determine the answers to these questions, you and the facility management team can brainstorm ideas to resolve the problems you uncover.
For example, if you run a security company and you want a more serious facility, replace the petunias in your flowerbeds with native grasses. If your restaurant has a quaint porch with a view to a trashy lot, install a privacy hedge of flowering shrubs to block the view.
The landscaping around your building is the first thing that your clients and customers notice as they pull into your parking lot. Take some time to consider how you can use the landscaping to promote green business practices and your company's positive presence in the community.
3. Hire Professionals to Increase Landscaping Satisfaction
Your facility’s landscaping should be managed by professionals with the experience, tools, and knowledge to work with plants and trees. Your company's HR director may have a lovely home garden, but they are not prepared for the large-scale digging, pruning, and planting requirements of a commercial facility.
When you hire a professional tree service and landscape company, they pay for the landscaping tools and tree-care equipment. The tree service does the dirty work of removing dangerous limbs and diseased trees that pose risks to people and property.
Your landscape service is available to help your design and install fresh new landscaping for your entry drives, employee areas, and parking lots. The professionals know which plants will look good and survive on your specific property.
Contact Imperial Tree to schedule an inspection and survey of your landscaping needs. Delegate the growth of your facility's landscaping to the professionals, so you're free to focus on the growth of your business.