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Proper Tree Care and Maintenance Practices

Pruning Small Branches
Few things add beauty and prestige to a yard like healthy, mature trees, but it is important to know how to maintain and care for your trees to keep them looking great. Diseased trees and trees suffering from pest infestation are not only eyesores; they can also become a hazard to your house and family. Here are a few ways to keep your trees in good health and pest free:

Properly Mulch Your Trees

Mulch can provide multiple benefits for your trees, such as:
  • Water retention
  • Weed prevention
  • Less soil compaction
  • Soil insulation
When adding mulch around a tree, create a bed that is two to four inches deep. Also, make sure you keep the mulch clear of the trunk of your tree. Be sure to remove all grass, weeds or other vegetation from the mulching area before creating the bed as well.

Know How Much to Water

We all know trees need water to thrive but it is important to know who much water to give your tree and how often. Overwatering can cause harm to your tree’s root system and could eventually kill your tree. Not enough water can also hurt your tree. So, how much is enough?
The answer to this largely depends on your climate and the tree species. A general rule is to feel the soil around your tree. If it is damp or moist, you are most likely doing it right. Soil should not be dry but it should not be soggy either. A professional tree service will be able to advise you dependent on your particular situation.

Know How to Identify Diseases and Pest Infestation

Many different ailments and pests exist that can negatively affect your tree. The best way to know if you have problem is to contact a local tree service. It usually takes a professional to diagnose and verify diseases. They will be able to help find the proper treatment as well.