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Top-Quality Landscaping Services in Campbell, California

Beautiful House with Lawn
Landscaping is a huge undertaking that should not be taken lightly. After all, how you design your landscape can add to the mood of your property, leave a good impression and increase your property value.
So how can we help you with landscaping? It all depends on your landscaping needs, but Imperial Tree can help you with many aspects of landscape improvement.


If you’re new to property maintenance, we can help you figure out what you can change or install based on your budget. This is helpful if you already have a landscaping plan you do not want or if you are building your home or place of business and are starting from scratch.
We can determine the amount of square footage you have to work with — based on those measurements, we can properly space out features you want in the plans to determine how many resources we need. We can also provide insight on what is helpful for your property value or what is currently popular or trending in landscaping.


To have the ideal landscaping outcome, preparation is key. Some ways we help prepare your property include fertilizing, seeding, mulching and other practices to enrich your soil. We can ensure your soil is ready for whatever will soon be installed in your landscaping and will be able to sustain your landscaping features no matter the weather.


Once you have decided what you want to see on your property, we can plant trees, bushes and hedges and install pathways, small ponds and other features.

Yard Clean-up

Are you renovating your home, updating your landscaping or recovering from a particularly bad storm? You might need yard clean-up services in Campbell to get rid of the rubble and debris or otherwise make your landscaping safe again.


As mentioned on our other services pages, we can come back to your property to help maintain your landscaping how often as you please. This could be monthly, seasonally or situationally.
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