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Reliable Tree Services for Campbell Residents

Tree removal service
If you want your Campbell, Calif., property to look its best year-round, the services of a professional tree service company can help you achieve that goal. Imperial Tree is the perfect company to provide the affordable and professional landscaping help you’re seeking.
Here, we’ll provide a list of the primary tree services that we have provided since 1986.

Tree Removal

While it’s possible to remove trees on your own, it is much easier to completely remove your trees with the right equipment and proper training. This is especially true if you have particularly large trees or if you have a tree that you want to remove and preserve elsewhere.
We can come to your property and survey your property and what you would like to accomplish and then offer a quote on our services. We can leave the stumps or remove them, based on your preferences. We can also relocate and plant your tree if you’re revising your landscape planning. No matter what you need us to achieve, we can ensure the tree is safely removed and properly moved or recycled.

Shaping, Thinning and Trimming

Whether or not you have a green thumb, it can be tricky deciding how to shape or thin your tree. How do you trim the branches, and how do you trim them properly? Or, what do you do if you’re approached about trimming trees near the street to ensure cars can pass under your trees? We understand how to trim and thin your trees based on local regulations and the species of your trees.

Crown Reduction

What is crown reduction? To start off, crown reduction is the preferred method for making a tree “smaller” or “shorter” over tree topping. We know the safe amount to trim off the top of your trees to preserve the health of your trees.